Lyrique Hunter

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Lyrique Hunter

Post by Mickey on Thu Jan 25, 2018 12:20 am

Player Name: Mickey

Name: Lyrique Hunter

Model Used: Sabine Jemeljanova

Age: 25 years old

Race: Human / Demon hunter

Height: 5 ft 9 in

Weight: 150 lbs

Eyes:  blue hazel / lavender

Hair: brown

Distinguishing marks: The triad or infinity trinity on the back of her right thigh. As well she has a couple marks on her upper body, a slash across her ribs on the right side (from the Lycan) and a bite mark on the left side of her neck from a vampire.

Very blunt, too the point. Nice enough to those she considers friends. Loyal to both her family and the sect she works for as well.

Likes: Her job as a Private Investigator, loves her brother and parents, enjoys hunting demons and any other creature of a supernatural format that causes harm to humanity. Secretly likes being bound to a vampire and a lycan though she'd never admit it.

Dislikes: False people, cheating wives and husbands and even her job sometimes. Hates the fact that the lycan and vamp can call her at any time they please.

History: Upon Lyris birth she was marked. Destined to fulfill the work of the order in which she was born. Her parents (both Demon Hunters) were a priest and a nun of the highest order. When it was found that the young couple had acted against the will of the church to conceive, they were declared as treasonous. Had it not been for the Authority of Dethanos (the highest priest of the I.T.) the two would have been killed. Instead they were allowed to bear their child, a daughter.
From the moment she could walk Lyrique was to be trained, her parents (Dad=priest=Learan, mom=nun=Moniqua) being the ones to do most of it, knowing one day their beloved Daughter must venture into the world. Little did they know she would come to renounce their ways, if only for a little while.
As the years passed Lyri learned the arts of stealth and weaponry. In the beginning her favorite weapons were the daggers, knives, and swords. As the years passed it became the bow and arrows, crossbow, and eventually the Gun. All of Lyris bullets were special, hand made by herself. Whatever mineral or element inflicted the most damage to a demon, she would modify into a bullet.
Her knowledge also increased on which demons were weakest with which element.
At the age of 10 she was already surpassing most of her classmates and even some of the teachers themselves. This caused Dethanos to abolish the rule of "No conceiving between Hunters". For in his heart he knew that the blood of the priest and nun (Both hunters) had been maximized inside Lyri and, soon after her birth, her brother Marquin.
5 Months before her 19th birthday, Lyrique proved her worth. In doing so, she also found herself questioning. Thus at the age of 19 she left the order and decided to leave her training behind her.
2 more years would pass before Lyri became a private investigator, her fame spreading slowly as she saved her earnings. Another year would pass before, at the age of 22, she would find herself comfortable and in the eye of the news. Many of the police in the area used her life-honed skills to their needs which in turn earned Lyri a more prosperous living. Soon the business erupted and so did a new wave of demons...
But that wasn't all.
Lycanthropy became a new craze as well as legal. Vampires, shape shifters, demons and the like, coming to the open. Dethanos would contact Lyri again...desperate to recruit her into this world once again. The I.T. would become a force of their own, both as a religious order and a law to be reckoned with.
With more legal ability than before, the Infinity Trinity found itself to be a law to who even the police must bow before. They reserved the right to kill all anomalies acting against purebred humans.
When Lyri decided to re-join the IT, she had no clue what would happen.
Dethanos planned, along with the Masters of each race, for them to try their powers against Lyri. All agreed to do their worst. Little did Dethanos know that they would each inflict wounds which would be insignificant to her death, but enough to create inside of Lyri a new creature.
Lyri holds within her a gene that makes her unable to change into either of the creatures that had drawn blood. Their marks, unfortunately, created a link within her to them, and them to one another, in times of need. All the Masters that went against her were slain except for the Lycan and the Vampire. It was these two who marked her without causing the change to move upon her. They were suddenly able to call upon her at will, Lyri having failed to kill them. Instead she gained new abilities from both of those who'd marked her.
From the Vampire she gained a longer life and a thirst for blood. From the Lycan she gained more speed and agility than before as well as a faster rate of healing.
After a fight with the other races, Lyri would find herself at the front door of the Infinity Trinity... her wounds severe enough to cause her to pass out. Upon waking, she would find herself plagued by unusual hungers, mostly for rare if not raw meats.  The need to see and taste the blood of her food became far more relevant, in some sadistic way.  Eventually, she fears that rare steak won't be enough to curb her bloodlust, forcing her to seek someone willing to share such instead.

Strengths: Her personality and the marks binding her to Seth and Wren

Weaknesses: Seth and Wren...  Not to mention teddy bears.  Well, any stuffed animal actually, but teddy bears are the quickest way to melt her.  Plus, she can still die.


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