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Role play FAQ

Post by Mickey on Thu Jan 25, 2018 12:35 am

Q: Are the immortals vulnerable to harm?
A: The immortals are vulnerable to harm and even death. The only reason they are considered immortal is the simple fact that they are very long lived.

Q: What kinds of abilities are allowed?
A: Some psychic abilities are allowed with the humans. Nothing too large, even the main characters have limited abilties when it comes to psychics.
Witches are allowed as well, but again, nothing too powerful.

Q: What types of chracters are we allowed to play?
A: There are 7 separate races. Most will more than likely be npcs... But if somebody would like to play one, then by all means do so!
1: Zombie
2: Vampire
3: Fairy
4: Demon
5: Lycan
6: Siren
7: Troll

You can also play a human being. No powers, no anything. One can also be changed at a later date if they would like.

Q: Can I play a private scene on the main page of the role-play?
A: Depends. If the scene is sexual then no... That needs to be done in either the private messages or a private room, especially if the scene is private between two particular characters... At least be courteous enough to tell those entering.

Q: Who is actually allowed in the room?
A: You must be at least 18 or have a very mature understanding of things. But just to forewarn you... This is a big city so there is going to be violence and things of sexual nature. If it becomes hot and heavy though, we will ask that it be taken to PM or private rooms!

Q: What if i'm ignored?
A: We hope this won't be a problem at all but if it should be, please let us know! I want everyone to interact together. If we don't then what type of rp is this? So if you don't want to be ignored, please make sure that you don't ignore others either. It's a two way street after all.

Q: What is the time setting of this room, and is the room only a single place or many?
A: The room is modern day. And the role-play is based on the whole city. That means there will be a lot of action and a lot of chaotic things happening. Just sit back and enjoy the ride! Most of all... HAVE FUN!!!

Q: Are there going to be fights in this room?
A: Well of course! I know most people aren't that proficient in role fighting, I sure am not! I'll be the first to admit that! But this is also a learning experience for me as well as for others. If you don't know something then there is sure to be somebody else that knows better than myself. Just know that it doesn't hurt to ask! And just as an added note, To kill a character, there must be some form of agreement. Just to be fair to everybody in the room.

Q: Can I chat ooc with another person in the room without using PM's?
A: OOC chat is fine as long as you keep it to a minimum. Otherwise please take it to a pm. I think it's just plain out courteous to try and NOT bother others who wish to get into their character and rp.

Q: Can I have the most powerful character around that nothing can kill or hurt?
A: No Godmoding! Even the Immortals in this RP have weaknesses and can die! The only reason they are called immortal is due to their long life!


This is an age of mortals, immortals, witches and psychics. This is a tale about those who walk the night and the humans who must hide as the moon rises.
The curfew began almost three years ago when every imaginable creature one could think of decided to pop out of the woodwork. Lycans of every sort, vampires, demons, fairies, trolls, zombies... It was a child’s fantasy...or their horror stories come to life. Nobody was to be outside after dark...
To be out after dark is to invite certain death to your world. Anything can come after you...and I do mean ANYTHING!

The abbey is home of the infamous Infinity Trinity. These are a group of holy warriors who fight demons and those of the other races who decide to go rogue. The Triads (groups of three) that are sent out are told to take hostages of those gone rogue... If something should happen that they cannot take them by peaceful means, then they are allowed to use any force deemed suitable.
Head of the Infinity Trinity is Lyrique Hunter. Along side with her in a never before seen action is Seth Sterling (Lycan Master/Hellhound) and London Delphineas (Master Vampire).


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