Seth Sterling *INCOMPLETE*

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Seth Sterling *INCOMPLETE*

Post by Logos on Wed Feb 07, 2018 4:07 pm


Player Name: Ducky

Name: Seth Sterling

Model Used: Marlon Teixeira

Age:  25 years old

Race:  Hellhound Lycan (Wolf//Serpent cross-shifter)

Height: 6'5"

Weight: 245lbs

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Brown

Distinguishing marks: He has three long claw marks across his left forearm and one long scar on his back, extending from the back of his left shoulder to halfway down the left side of his back.

Personality: Seth has an eclectic mix of personality traits, some of which seem to be openly contradictory, giving the impression that he's almost two different people at times. On his own, he's deeply introspective, and while working on any of his personal hobbies he often zones people out, getting lost in whatever he's working on. He's also unusually flighty when it comes to these hobbies, often working through as three or more books at a time while also playing around with writing a couple songs between reads, often of completely different music types. Contrasting this, around people he's extremely direct and focused and is constantly trying to read people and his motivations. There are few things he hates more than indecisiveness, though betrayal would be among them. Beware anybody who breaks his trust, for while his loyalty to those he considers his close comrades is nearly endless, so is the retribution paid out to any who betrays him...

Likes: He loves books in general, even if they're not on a subject that he has a particular interest in. The same is true for music; though he doesn't necessarily enjoy certain types of music, he still sometimes listens to them and even performs them on occasion just to remain familiar with as many kinds as possible. He also owns a growing collection of weapons, though he has no idea how to use most of them. He simply has a fascination with the history of warfare and the myriad tools that humans invented for the sake of killing each other as efficiently as possible. He also has a general enjoyment of food with strong flavors, with his love of spicy food being something almost unnatural.

Dislikes: He hates 'bad' versions of any of the things he likes - badly written books, poorly performed music, and cheap knock-off weapons. He also dislikes most bitter foods, including chocolate and coffee. Most of all, he can't stand people who are indecisive, and betraying his trust is a very good way of ending up dead, quickly...

History: ***To Be Added***

Strengths: In his shifted form he possesses superior strength and speed, heightened senses from both sides of his lycan heritage, and a resistance to injuries inflicted by normal weapons. Beyond his supernatural abilities, he also has a talent for reading people's motives and feelings, as well as an unusually high tolerance for pain while in his human form.

Weaknesses: In lycan form, he has a natural vulnerability to silver weapons. In human form, he has all the natural weaknesses that humans are prone to possess. Additionally, his connection to Lyrique means that any harm inflicted on her would also cause harm to him, regardless of what form he's in.


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